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Virumandi Full Movie Watch Free Online

Virumandi Full Movie Watch Free Online - Virumandi is a 2004 Tamil-language Action Drama film written and directed by Kamal Haasan and produced by Kamal Haasan and Chandra Haasan under the banner of Raaj Kamal Films International. The take on death penalty told through the story of a temperamental villager caught in between two village clans. 

Told through an offbeat screenplay inspired by Korosawa's Rashomon, the film narrates two versions of the same incidents. 'Virumaandi' is exhibition of filmmaking & culture of the land it depicts at its very best. 

Virumandi Full Movie

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Virumandi Full Movie Download, Cast and Review :

Written : PipingHotViews. 
Directer : Kamal Haasan
Producer : Kamal Haasan and Chandra Haasan.
Stars: Kamal Haasan, Rohini, Nassar, Abhirami Suresh, Shanmugarajan, Pasupathy Ramasaamy and Napoleon Duraisamy.
Music Composer :  Ilayaraaja. 

About Movie : 

Certificate : U/A (INDIA)
Release Date : 26 FEB 2004
Run Time : 2 HOURS 55 MINUTES
Budget : ₹ 10 CRORES
Language : Tamil
Genre : Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller.

Virumandi Full Movie Story :

The film begins with Dr. Angela Kathamuthu (Rohini), a civil rights activist and her cameraman in Madras Central Prison interviewing prisoners serving life imprisonment and awaiting the death sentence, for her PhD thesis in law, against the death penalty. 

When she enters the prison for the second day, there is a sit-in protest, demanding the reason for the sudden death of death penalty convict Narayanan, who secretly told Angela, the previous day, about immoral practices of Deputy-Jailer Peykkaman (Shanmugarajan). Angela meets Kothala Thevar (Pasupathy), who is serving a life sentence for assisting in the murder of 24 people in District of Theni. He tells his version of the story that led to his conviction.

According to him, the root cause of the problem is Virumaandi Thevar (Kamal Haasan), a happy-go-lucky rogue. Virumaandi has a large part of the land in CK Patti, their village, and has high underground water levels, which is eyed by every other farmer. Virumaandi lost his mother when he was twelve. He was taken to Chennai and later to Singapore by his father Thavasi Thevar. Even after Thavasi died, Virumandi still lived there, but at the age of 25, Virumaandi was convicted for a small crime. 

He was whipped and exiled back to India. He comes back to live with his paternal grandmother (S. N. Lakshmi) in CK Patti and to practice agriculture. His support to his uncle Kothala in his clash against Nallama Nayakkar (Napoleon) brings about a bonding between the two, as Nayakkar killed Kothala's father in a melee caused during a peace meeting between Thavasi and Kothala's father. Annalakshmi (Abhirami), Kothala's young niece, falls in love for Virumaandi. Kothala, with an eye on the fertile land owned by Virumaandi, does not object to the romance. Virumandi's grandmother passes away, and at the funeral Nayakkar offers a huge sum for Virumandi's land. 

Virumandi vehemently rejects the bid and insults both Kothala and Nayakkar , and warns everyone from buying his land. Within a week, an assassination attempt is made on Virumaandi and the injured Virumandi is brought to Hospital by Annalakshmi. Virumandi realises his love for Annalakshmi and rejoins with Kothala. Annalakshmi secretly gives Virumandi the evidence that Kothala is the one who tried to kill Virumandi. Virumandi attacks Kothala and his gang, but Kothala again blames the murder attempt on Nayakkar and Virumandi goes to a file a complaint on Nayakkar . A Panchayat is held to solve this issue and in the ensuing peace meeting of eight villages, Virumaandi's gang is verbally humiliated. Virumaandi goes to Nayakkar's village alone to take revenge at night, and Kothala's gang is forced to save him, where 24 lives are taken. 

Virumaandi saves all of them by his false testification so that he can marry Annalakshmi, but Kothala seemingly refused the marriage. According to Kothala, Annalakshmi was abducted by Virumaandi and brutally raped. She later escapes from him, comes home, tells what happened, and commits suicide by hanging herself. A clash between Virumaandi and Kothala takes place in which six henchmen are killed. 

Virumaandi then escapes and kills Nayakkar, but he is later caught by the police. In the 26 people murder case, Virumaandi testifies against Kothala's gang, getting them all 15-year sentences, while Virumaandi gets five years for raping Annalakshmi and then the death penalty for the six people murder case. Here, Kothala stops and says that God has given justice, but Virumaandi is still angry.

Angela tries to make Virumaandi talk, but Virumaandi verbally assaults her badly. Finally, Angela says that she is doing a PhD against the death penalty, as her father, who got her married to James by great hard work, was forced to kill James to save her from marital abuse. Her father was hanged in the same prison, and then she chose law as a career. After much resentment and objection, Virumaandi agrees to turn to tell his version to Angela. 

Virumaandi, 25, a manual laborer, was sent back to home from Singapore for taking responsibility for his cousin's fault. His only relation was his grandmother, who practices natural farming without artificial fertilizers and avoids deep bore wells. Kothala had a silent eye on the fertile land owned by Virumaandi, as it had the only rich underground water availability. He treats Virumaandi as his nephew. Virumaandi falls in love with Annalakshmi after he tames her very stubborn bull at jallikattu. That night, his grandmother passes away, and two days later, an attempt is made on Virumaandi's life. 

Annalakshmi finds him and admits him in the hospital to save his life. Gradually, she falls in love with him. She teaches him the importance of apology and forgiveness, which are virtues. A clash at the peace Panchayat insults Kothala's gang, and their need for revenge infuriates Annalakshmi, who asks Virumaandi to apologize to the elders whom he insulted. He goes to apologize single-handedly at night to Nayakkar's village, but Kothala and his men, thinking he has gone to take revenge, come in groups and hack down innocents to death, despite his pleas. 

Kothala uses his clout to get out of the murder charge, but Virumaandi, who was not involved in the bloodbath, is disturbed because he had to lie in the court to save Kothala and his kin. As part of the penance, he transfers all his land for the affected villagers. Annalakshmi asks him to marry her and leave the village. He marries her at the village temple, goes away at night with her, and stays with his aunt, whose son he helped. They consummate their marriage that night.

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